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Hello, I'm Tim Gilchrist and welcome to my shellfish lovers web site!
On these pages, I'll introduce you to my patented Great Grates which will allow you to serve and enjoy the tastiest, juiciest, clams, oysters,quahogs (if you know what they are)and mussels you've ever had PLUS you don't need to open them yourself! Both the NY Times and the Boston Globe have noted how well they work! AND they've received the prestigious "Best of RI" award for cooking shellfish!

As you read this introduction thousands of GreatGrates are being used in homes, restaurants, catering companies and even campgrounds due to their simple, versatile, functional, time tested design.  

While Great Grates are often used to cook unopened shellfish,  many chefs also use them for cooking and serving previously opened clams, oysters, quahogs  and mussels. Experience delicious clams casino, stuffies, oysters Rockefeller, mussels in garlic butter with all the juices and seasoning in each shell made possible without rocksalt and excessive, time consuming handling. Just recently, author Rowan Jacobsen  (Geography of Oysters) has expressed his delight in using his GreatGrate to serve his raw oysters in the half shell.  Read his comments at the link below.  Also, please see my proven recipes on my recipe page for your experimentation and enjoyment. 

Rowan Jacobsen's comments

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Why Great Grates are unique

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